Day 978: Hearts Are Full

Madi continues to push and do amazing things with Jenn & Mike. Today was a spectacular day! No fussing, attacked everything at 100% and continued to progress and be so proud of herself. Mommy saw some barefoot walking for the first time today which flooded her heart full of emotions. 

Yesterday Madi was thrilled to learn that Nydia (who is training at the same time as her) is a swimmer too. Nydia Competed in Para swimming for Canada in Rio and her and Madi are currently training buddies. Today she gave Madison one of her Swimming Canada shirts- Madi was thrilled and is currently sleeping in it.

After school, Madison hung out with Janine & Suzanne and they went to visit Great Grandma Gregoire. Madison wanted to help Grandma eat her snack. They have a beautiful bond and these videos once again filled our hearts with joy today. 


One thought on “Day 978: Hearts Are Full”

  1. This is a really cool thing your doing with the Blog !! I am proud to be part of your journey regardless how small a part it’s always just lovely to be part of it and rob be able to say. That I / We managed to help and contribute 🙂
    Looking forward to to all the continued success and improvements ..


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