Day 972: PA Day!

Today Madison had her first PA Day! She was up bright and early and headed to Nana and Papas for breakfast and to check on Molly, her doll.

She then headed to Neurochangers and walked over 1,000 steps! She tried walking in the GEO for the first time in her SMO’s. they kept popping off so we will work on some adjustments.

Madison and Nana then went to the store to get some supplies to make the house spooky!

Later in the day her and Jack headed to VV for physio with Stephanie. Her focus of work today was walking with no one around her, to help build confidence.

Madi & Jack then had swimming! Jack is so much more comfortable now which was awesome to see. Madi did amazing with Hayley- jogging, floats, practicing steps and pushing Jack around the pool!


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