Day 937: Relapse

Madison and Daddy went to go see Dr. Wong today – Madison’s nephrologist. The last four days her urine dip sticks have been reading very high for protein amount. She has been very tired and not quite herself – lots of sleepless nights. He thinks she has picked up a bug from being at a new school and has relapsed. She needs to go back on a high dose of Meds and then slowly ween off over the next four weeks and then figure out next steps. 

After school, Nana & Madi headed to physio with Stephanie. Her teachers said she was very tired at school and she slept in Nana’s car the whole drive to physio, so we weren’t sure how productive the session would be – But when she started working with Stephanie she did great! Lots of walking, doing two handed activities while doing independent standing and blowing noise makers to practice breath control when moving. She is also doing a great job stepping up and down with objects on the floor.

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