Day 936: Ballet!

Madi had a great day at school. She went to the library for her first visit. She listened to a story and then got to pick out a book to check out. She has a special book bag to keep her library books in and will go once a week to exchange books.

After school, Nana and Madi had some down time at the house and then got ready for ballet! Madi was so excited to start up again and see all her friends who signed up for the same class! We feel so fortunate to be a part of such an amazing dance studio who are so accommodating, flexible and offer inclusive classes for Madi and her friends to participate in.

Hey all you Durham folk! Head on over to Tims for a smile cookie to support Grandview Kids! You can also order them in bulk – Madison will be bringing a few boxes of them on Thursday to school to celebrate her Birthday!

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