Day 938: Happy 4th Birthday Madi!

Madison had a blast today! At school they said her name over the announcements, let her pick from the prize bag, gave her a certificate and she had lots of treats with her friends.

After school, Madi went to visit Karly who gave her a special hair treatment to make her hair pink!!!

Madi and Jack were super happy to see each other at the end of the day. He told Madison happy birthday and gave her a card he made. 

When Madison got home she opened presents and had some cake. Thank you everyone who sent her messages today.

One thought on “Day 938: Happy 4th Birthday Madi!”

  1. Happy 4 th birthday, Miss Madison! Love your fabulous birthday cake shirt and pink hair. Glad to see you had s super day celebrating. Hugs. Stephanie and Norm


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