Day 896: Day 1 of Physio in Rochester

Madi really liked meeting Pia this morning. She is always curious when visiting new spaces about what toys and equipment will be there for her.

Madison had two sessions today. Two hours in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. The first part of the morning session was focused on Madi and Pia getting to know each other. Pia did some assessments and watched some videos of Madi before and after SDR. She reviewed our notes from St Louis and did a lot of video work with Madi observing her transitions, positioning and how she moves. 

The focus for the rest of the day was experimenting with different foot wear and compression garments to find what would give Madison the best alignment. From proper alignment and consistent feedback to her core, she will be able to build true strength in her muscles. 


​Madi also played around a little bit with a bio feedback computer system. Pia used this to teach Madison had to be more aware of what muscles she needs to activate to achieve proper alignment and positioning. They placed the “stickies” above her knees and on her quad muscles. When Madison activated those muscles she was able to stand tall with no crouch in her knees. The machine would beep when she achieved correct allignment. Madison learned that every time her legs were straight she would hear a beep. 

​After her Physio sessions Madi and Mommy did some shopping, went out for dinner and then went exploring. Madi loved a park called Tinker Park. It was a beautiful forest with trails with fairy homes hidden and scattered all around.

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