Day 897: Day 2 Physio in Rochester

Madi had a very busy day today. Her Physio sessions focused on bio feedback which went really well. Pia’s goal for the day was to see what potential Madi has with certain movements and muscle groups now that her spasticity is gone, where her weaknesses lie and determine focus of therapy for the next few months. Alignment, awareness and strength were the areas worked on. 

One of the muscle groups for functional movement that was worked on was for dorsiflexion as this is still a new movement and pathway for Madison as she wasn’t able to control dorsiflexion before her surgery. By using the bio feedback system, Madison was able to understand what muscles need to be used for what movement by a visual cue on the computer screen and a beeping sound as an audio cue. she was able to identify how to isolate specific muscles to achieve the movement she wanted. Madison was also fitted for a Spio compression vest that we will give a try to help her maintain good alignment to support her core and develop proper strength. 


​Madison worked on some walking in her walker on the treadmill today as well. She wore squeakers on the bottom of her shoes so she could hear every time she made a heel strike. She also walked to the beat of music to help create a natural flow with her walking. She then got off the treadmill and walked around the hallway to try and keep the same beat even though the music wasn’t there. 

This afternoon she tried using forearm crutches for the first time. She also used single point canes. They were experimenting with less support to see what would happen. It was super challenging for Madison to coordinate, but her gait significantly looked better. 

After her last session it was time for some fun…Chuckie Cheese for dinner and a play followed by a swim at the hotel and late night dessert!

3 thoughts on “Day 897: Day 2 Physio in Rochester”

  1. I can never believe how much you pack into one day……….amazing!!! Madi is working so hard…………………and is looking “good”!!!


  2. If you get a chance go to the Rochester children’s museum..the strong is fantastic..been lots of time as dj lives outside of Rochester…looking forward to taking Anthony there..


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