Day 895: Rochester!

Madi was on the move this morning, packing up and hitting the road to Rochester, New York!

Every once and a while we try and switch up Madi’s therapy to keep it fresh and to help reflect on goals and next steps. 

For the remainder of this week, Madi will be in Rochester working with a PT named Pia. 

Here is a small blurb from her site so you can get an idea on why we are working with Pia:

“Research has clearly shown that periods of intensive therapy lead to rapid progress in patients with neurological diagnoses. That has been best practice in stroke and spinal cord injury rehabilitation for many years.

 Intensive periods of therapy for children with early acquired brain injuries, such as cerebral palsy, is still not standard of care in spite of the research that exists.

​Dr. Karen Pape’s new book, The Boy Who Could Run But Not Walk is the first book that clearly explains pediatric neuroplasticity, why intensive therapy works and how the therapy should be organized, both in terms of timing and content.

 Dr. Pape has been Pia’s mentor for more than 15 years. Step by Step Intensives were created as a result of this mentor.”

Madi was super excited the whole drive. She loved driving down all the country roads and seeing lots of fields, old houses and lots of flags! Madi and Mommy stopped a few times to enjoy the scenery.

Once she got to the hotel she ran all over the place checking things out. She was most excited by the pool located right outside her window.

After some unpacking and down time Madi went shopping and out for dinner!

Her night ended with a long swim and bath. Off to Pia’s in the morning!

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