Day 868: A Great Day!!!

Madi is back! Mommy had a moment of tears today watching Madi be amazing. She was full of spirit, strength, happiness and was like her old self that we haven’t seen in what seems like a long time.

She met with her kidney specialist this morning who had great news – Madi seems to be responding very well to her treatment and may be on her way to remission in the next few weeks. She no longer needs to have her fluids limited and her meds switched to crushed pills which is much more managable. She is using dip sticks to keep track of protein in her urine in a log book. She will see her doctor next in 5 weeks to revisit meds and dosage.

Potty training has been on and off. It’s been tricky with all the events over the past year. Since her SDR surgery she has more awareness and is better able to understand the feeling of needing to use the washroom. She had an amazing day today and is showing interest and determination again… She used the potty successfully 4 times today!! She was so proud of herself!

Madi showed strength and confidence during her Physio session with Kate this afternoon. She practiced lots of walking and did 4 independent steps! 


Madi and Jack had a great dinner with Pam and Medford while Mommy & Daddy met with their case manager from Resources for Exceptional Children to finalize details with Madi’s transition to kindergarten. She is an amazing liaison who connects and helps manage all of Madison’s support systems. She visited Madison’s school last week to ensure all equipments and reno’s were under way for September. She also spoke about the amount of EA support Madison will receive. She also met Madison’s teachers and toured her classroom and everyone is excited for September. 

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