Day 869: Baby Shark!

Madi had a great day at camp. She was very proud of herself for using the potty and was excited to try and eat lunch all by herself. She had high energy all morning and worked hard. 

While Madi was at camp, Jack was at My Gym for his first gym class of the summer. He LOVED it!!

Madi also had an amazing session with Jo-Anne this afternoon. She was obsessed with the baby shark YouTube video and ball popper shark which was great – she was completely engaged and having fun and was able to work hard. 


Before the end of a busy day, Madi had a nice visit with Emily and went swimming at her house. They swam for over an hour which must of felt great for Madi and her tired legs. They had a Popsicle and did some activities before going home for dinner and bed. Thanks Emily!

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