Day 867: New Adventures at VV!

Madi had her first day of conductive education camp today! She did great! Attempted to use the potty, did lots of walking and loved hanging out with her camp friends. She will be spending 7 weeks at March of Dimes Conductive Education Camp, and we can’t wait to see the progress she makes with them!

Jack had his first toddler class at the YMCA today. Other than circle time, he loved it! He played with playdough, sang songs, read books and ran all over the place throwing balls and cars and whatever he could find.

For those that don’t know, Variety Village offers one to one fitness conditioning classes for children aged four and older. It involves individual instruction to increase coordination, endurance, flexibility and fitness and they also consult with physiotherapists to work on common goals. Madison had her first class with Melissa today and she loved it! They worked together for an hour on climbing, walking around the track in her walker, practicing stairs and work on the wobbly mats. She moved for the hour, was sweaty and loved it!

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