Day 855: Double Physio

With school finished for the year, Madi has more time in the day to focus on therapy. Today she had double Physio!

Her first Physio session of the day was with Stephanie at Variety Village. They focused on work with her Gaitors and ski boots doing side stepping, walking and standing. Madi did awesome!!! So exciting to see her balance and strength coming along. 


On her way to the car, Madi visited with Nina who gave her the giant poster board used for the Pizza Nova day for Variety Village that Madison was an ambassador for. Thanks Nina!

Madi’s second Physio session of the day was in the afternoon with Kate at Grandview. They worked on different post op strengthening activities, high knees and some walking. Madi did such a great job!


​After dinner Madi was excited that Emily was visiting to hang out with her. They did lots of fun stuff while Daddy took Jack for a bike ride.

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