Day 856: Slowing Down

From the moment Madi woke up this morning she was not herself. She was exhausted all day, quiet and didn’t want to eat much or do much of anything. Either she is hitting the wall from therapy overload or possibly getting sick. She is such a little warrior and always tries to move forward with things no matter what. Cancelling things today was not an option for her. She was looking forward to time with Jo-Anne and Ryan and nothing would stop her from doing that. 

Madi worked hard with Jo-Anne today. She proved to herself over and over how much strength she has developed. She had some tears that came from exhaustion, but pushed through and did some great standing, weight shifting with walking and even some step ups. 

After a sleep in the car on the way to Nana’s and lots of resting at Nana’s, Madi headed to Variety Village for a swim with Ryan and Ruby. She did lots of walking around the pool, some bobs and some activities to develop body awareness in the water.

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