Day 854: The Small Things

Madi had a great Physio session with Kate today. She has been a bit under the weather and warn down, so Mommy was thrilled to see Madi working hard. Everyone who works with Madi is starting to see small change that is very exciting. Today’s “notice” was that her leg strength has really improved – particularly with her left leg. She also can isolate certain muscles and have control for better function. An example of this was today when she was able to stand flat footed and then go up on her toes and back down again with no braces – she was not able to do this before SDR. She also did some excellent side stepping and work on high knees. 

One thought on “Day 854: The Small Things”

  1. Very exciting to hear about all of Madi’s progress and steps forward in her development. What an amazing team she has including her very supportive family! God bless!


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