Day 834: Standing!

Madi and Jack finally slept! And slept in! So it was a glorious morning at home with a late breakfast and then a nice visit at Pam’s while Mommy unpacked some more.

It was then time for Mommy to get her hair fixed up so Madi and Jack went for a visit with Suzanne and Nana.

Tonight was also their first appointment being back in the city. They visited with Shannon for a massage. Shannon loved feeling Madi’s legs for the first time. She said Madi had no more joint swelling, smooth joint movement, better range of motion and Madi was much more sensitive and was ticklish- something that she never expressed before. Shannon noted the same observations as Dr Park – tight left hamstring and heel cord. She also noted a pelvic tilt which we will work on alignment in the next few appointments. 

Once Madi got home she was relaxed and headed to her gym. 

She walked for 10 minutes on her treadmill. 

She did some great stretching. 

Her two activities chosen from her bin were:

1) stepping over objects

2) Independent standing

Mommy & Daddy were so thrilled to see Madi standing all by herself! Today was the first time she was able to stand since before her surgery, 4 weeks ago today. 

Stitch is home! Thank you Christine and Emily for taking such good care of her!

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