Day 835: Back in Routine

Madison had her first full day of therapies since being home from St Louis. Mommy was unsure how she would handle a full day, but Madison was happy and excited and her old self all day long – such a creature of habit – once she was around her team of people and doing what she loves – she was great!

Her day started with a visit at Grandview with her PT, OT, speech therapist and social worker. It was awesome seeing Madison walk in the building just as she did 6 weeks ago when we left. They were so happy to see her and excited to hear about St Louis and all the work ahead of us.

After some lunch at home Madi headed downtown to conductive education at March of Dimes. She was so excited to see Monika. It was just the two of them for two hours! They did all kinds of walking, cane work, floor work and stretching. She also attempted walking down a ramp for the first time in 6 weeks. Madison had an awesome time!

As soon as Madi and Jack got home the ice cream truck drove right up to the house- a great way to celebrate a great day! Thanks Pam for having $ on hand so we could say YES to ice cream!!

After dinner Madi did some great work in her gym…needless to say she is passed out and sleeping well after her busy day.

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