Day 833: “The Plan”

By the time everyone went to bed after returning home from St Louis it was about 3:30am, so needless to say this morning was a write off. Lots of lying around and PJ’s in bed followed by a late 11am breakfast. Once breakfast was over, Pam popped over to visit and Madison and Jack thanked her and her family for the awesome welcome home balloons, sign and groceries! The kids played with Pam while Mommy & Daddy unpacked the van and started to get things organized and put away.  

Here is the face of a 3 year old on 3 hours of sleep

Mommy was so excited for this:

After a nice visit and some quiet time, Madison and Mommy went out to run a few errands to get organized for the week. 

Jack stayed home with Daddy and ran around with all the balloons!

Daddy’s birthday yesterday was spent driving, so everyone had cupcakes and swinging in the backyard tonight to celebRate!

Part of the errands that Mommy & Madi did today was searching for things to help start her new routines at home.

For her post op rehab, Madison is required to wear her night braces and knee imobolizers every evening at bedtime, stretch everyday, do some sort of therapy 5 days a week and implement a supplemental therapy program at home. Her therapists in St Louis and in Toronto helped come up with these ideas for Madison to try:

Her pink brace bucket and calendar with stickers will stay next to her bed. The calendar tells her what leg is wearing the equipment each night and once she has everything on, she can put a sticker on the date. It was recommended she wear more on her left leg and to have one night off a week.

Here is her stretching guide to help facilitate her daily stretches. She will also use her treadmill 5 days per week to practice walking forwards, sideways, backwards and eventually on an incline. If she walks for more then 10 minutes she can put a sticker on her board. Once she collects 10 stickers she can pick a new app for her iPad that we use to distract her when walking or stretching.

Madison will also pick two activities a day to do in her gym in the basement. She has a small bin with many activities to choose from. Once she picks from the Peppa bin and completes an activity, she will put it in the Skye “all done” bin to help us keep activities diverse throughout the week. She will cycle back through them once all have been completed in a weeks time. 

We will try this system for the month of June and then see how she does and if this works for her and what she needs to be doing to progress. Her therapies that are lined up for the month of June are: swimming, horseback riding, massage, conductive education, ABM and Physio.

One thought on “Day 833: “The Plan””

  1. That is such a great method of planning in order to get things done and to record what has been done. The motivational aspects should help to get to the desired results.
    All the best with success in your new phase.


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