Day 832: Saying Goodbye

Today was Madison’s last day in St. Louis. Her and Jack spent the morning eating breakfast and playing while the adults all packed to leave. All of the hotel staff said very meaningful and emotional goodbyes. They were all so amazing during our almost 6 week stay with them. They made our stay with them feel like being at home. Thanks for everything St Louis! The month of May has been truly life changing for us.

It was a long way back home with frequent stops to give the kids a break. Madi’s back is still tender so she needed to be adjusted every couple of hours to make her more confortable. Currently, we have been on the road for 12 hours and we have about 4 more hours to go. Nana & Papa have been following us the whole way to help at our breaks and have some meals. Thank you to everyone for continuing to follow our journey. We are very much looking forward to being home in our own beds in a few more hours!

One thought on “Day 832: Saying Goodbye”

  1. Welcome Home! What a journey your family has had!!!! May the future only be filled with rainbows and sunshine……….keep us updated


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