Day 808: Last Flat Day!

Today was Madison’s last day that she had to lie flat on her back. She did a great job!

Her day started with an early visit from neurosurgery and the pain management team to make sure she was comfortable and ready for a day on her back. Next, the hospitals orthotist visited to cast her legs for her new braces. She had to choose colours and patterns for two different pairs. She decided to go with the pink & purple camo print for her tall ones and bugs and butterfly’s for her short ones. She will be assessed by Dr Park & PT tomorrow to determine if she will need night braces for sleeping and serial casting next week.

Madison spent the rest of her morning with Daddy, Auntie Em, Grandma & Grandpa who helped keep her happy and busy on her back.

Mommy, Nana & Jack went to do some shopping and get some things for Jack. Tim Hortons was found 5 minutes from the hotel!!! 

Madi also had lots of special visitors in her room today, including these Star Wars characters…. May the forth be with you!

After some lunch, Madison was able to chat over FaceTime with her friend Shannon from CBC who did a follow up report on how her surgery went. It was on the news this evening at 6pm in Toronto, as well as this web article. Thanks Shannon for all your support!!

CBC News Article Link 
Madi has so many amazing people supporting her journey! 

One of her dreams is to be able to jump and skip rope, so when she got this video today from trampoline Olympic gold medalist Rosie MacLennan-she was thrilled! Thank you Mike Wilson, The Ultimate Leafs Fan for making this happen! She loves to watch Rosie jump high into the sky so this made her day!

Madison’s exciting, last day on her back finished with a visit from Nana while Mommy went to eat and take a break. They read lots of books and went to bed at a decent time. Tomorrow is a big day – Madison will be able to get out of bed for the first time and she is excited to give Dr Park her frame she made him!

One thought on “Day 808: Last Flat Day!”

  1. Christina and I saw the CBC interview on the 11 o’clock news. What a great interview Katherine. Good luck tomorrow with Madi getting out of bed. Try not to get too tired on this first day on her new legs. So excited to hear all about it tomorrow.


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