Day 809: Wow! What a day!

Mommy & Madi were exhausted at the end of the day. Usually at bed time Madi talks about her day, and after reflecting on it tonight – we can’t believe how much happened!

Madi’s day started at 6:00am with the removal of her cathidore and leads. They gave her a dose of oxy to bridge the gap from epidural cathidore- which was also removed and receiving oral pain meds.

7:00 her breakfast came and then took some pain meds to get ready for her first Physio.

8:00 was her first Physio session, bedside. It consisted of learning how to transfer from bed to stroller and going for a walk in the stroller to get use to gravity again.

After the busy/early morning, Madi passed out for 3 hours. When she woke up she had a quick lunch and then headed to her first PT session in the gym. They did some rolling, sitting and went through her home stretching program. She was in pain but managed like a ended a few minutes early because her face was very swollen today. Dr Park visited to check on her swelling, took her off IV fluid and have benadryl. 

Later in the day she was still very sweaty from PT so two of her nurses gave her a bath in bed to freshen up and try and brush the nest out of her hair.

She was thrilled to receive a book tote with activities today! Thank you Brian and Christina!

After dinner Madison had to wait for the lab to visit for blood work so she and Mommy went to check out the garden!

It was wonderful seeing the sun out today and no rain! Aunt Emily and Jack also enjoyed some outdoor time today!

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