Day 807: New Legs!

Madison slept most of the night and all morning. She woke up around lunch and ate a bagel and some apple juice. She is talking for the first time clearly and now knows she is in the hospital. She’s ok so far but asks to get up and go back to the hotel to play. She is itchy so she is on some meds to help with that. She snacked almost the whole day: crackers, bagels, gold fish, fruit, cookies, Popsicles, Cheerios and lots of apple juice. She is able to roll herself onto her side to prevent bed sores and is now in diapers as her plumbing has kicked back in early to everyone’s surprise. Thank you to Uncle Brian and Aunt Christina for her pink piggy! Thank you Aidan for the balloons! 

Jack stayed at the hotel today to try and recover and feel better. He needed a day off from all the craziness and it did him well- he is much better then yesterday.

Papa said his goodbyes to Madison today and is on his way home tomorrow morning. Thanks for all your help and see you in a few weeks Papa!

The best part of today, considered Day 1 is seeing and feeling Madi’s legs! Spasticity free! Her legs are squishy and soft and move so easily. Even the way she lies in bed looks different. She is much more relaxed and lying flat instead of crunched up in a ball

One thought on “Day 807: New Legs!”

  1. That’s incredible how her legs are different already. Such an amazing procedure. We really must make it available to CanadiAns in 🇨🇦.


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