Day 793: Celebration Steps!

Madi had a great morning at school. She zoomed around her class all morning with lots of energy in her walker and asked to be the teacher during calendar time. Madi stood up at the calendar and used the pointer to tell the date and sang the calendar song all by herself! Madi finished her school morning with a visit with Tiffany who gave her some books to have with her at the hospital. 

Jack started his day with his new routine…lounging in bed with Mommy reading lots of books!

Madi spent her afternoon at March of Dimes with Monika working hard and having fun. They practiced using her canes and the biggest celebration of her day was walking the distance of the whole room all by herself!!

Jack & Madi spent their evening playing with Nana while Mommy started getting things organized. They both had a doctors appointment to check on things before leaving. Jacks chest is clear (thank god!!) and just has to keep taking his puffers and Madi is healthy and good to go! 

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