Day 792: Peppa!

Madi had her final day of Physio today at Grandview. Her next visit will be the week she gets back from St Louis! They spent todays session doing an updated GMFM scale which is a clinical tool designed to evaluate change in gross motor function in children with cerebral palsy. Madi was a bit silly today, but was able to get through each of the exercises in the one session. We will know the results shortly, but she was able to go farther in the series of activities then she was able to the last time she did it. Progress!

Tonight was a special night for Madison… Nana took her and Mommy to see Peppa Pig the musical at the Sony Centre! Madison LOVED it! The music was really cute and it was very comparable to the show. Madison sang and bopped around on Nana’s lap- it was a nice evening out before all the craziness that’s about to hit everyone. Thanks Nana!

One thought on “Day 792: Peppa!”

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with your family as you embark on your safe, be strong and keep your positive attitudes…….they have brought you this far and now the sky is the limit!!!
    You are one amazing family!!!!


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