Day 791: Last Visits

As the journey to St Louis gets closer, Madi has been saying her good byes and see ya soon’s to friends and family. Today she went for a play with her friend Evelyn who made her an awesome card and they gave each other lots of hugs.

Madi has been negotiating the need for lots of iPad time lately…she’s addicted at such a young age hahaha…So Mommy’s negotiations are now: if the iPad is on…the Gaitors are on. 

Madi did a great job using her strong voice at riding today with Jorge. Her confidence has really improved and she  did a great job playing basketball while trying to keep her balance on his back. 



Madi & Jack finished their day with a great visit & dinner at Pam and Medfords house. Madi loved all the fun crafting scissors she practiced her cutting with and Jack played with his ball all over the house. 

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