Day 733: A Visit with Mike

Madison skipped school today to visit with her buddy Mike Stobel at Variety Village. The last time she saw Mike was also at the Village, before Christmas to kick start the Christmas Fund. Mike is writing about Madison’s journey to SDR in The Toronto Sun. When Mike asked her what’s new, she said “Im going to St Louis. I’m going to see Dr Park. He’s going to help my legs walk.” Que watery eyes. 

Madi played while Mommy and Mike chatted about what’s new in the world of OHIP, travel plans, projected outcomes from the surgery and how some of her rehab will be at the Village. Thanks for all your support Mike and Stan!

Toronto Sun Article Link
Madison then headed to March of Dimes for her conductive Ed class and then was happy to see her brother after he spent the day at daycare. 

Tickets are still available for Madi’s Paddy Day Party! Reserve your spot to help Madison and her other SDR friends!

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