Day 734: Dancing Queen

One of Madison’s new favourite activities at school is dance and movement class during gym time. Her favourite song with her teachers is Uptown Funk. Today she stood independently on and off for almost the whole 20 minute class!

Madison had another big day in the news…front page of The Toronto Sun! Thanks Mike and Stan!

Madison had a FABULOUS physio session with Stephanie today. She did the most walking she has ever done, walking all the way down a hallway to her brother Jack who was waiting for her…such a special moment.

After a nice play and visit with Nana, Madison headed back to Variety Village for a swim with Ryan and Jessica. She did some floats, bobs, transitions and walking. She was tired at the end of her busy day, but she had no leg cramps at all today and legs were more relaxed which made for a nice day. 

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