Day 732: Happy Liver Day!


 Today our family takes a break from our current journey preparing for Madison’s life altering surgery to remember another journey that was life saving for us. Five years ago today my mom and I were preparing to undergo surgery that would take a portion of my liver and transplant it to my mom Mimi. With the wonderful skill and care of the medical team at Toronto General Hospital my mom received her new liver on February 15, 2012 and we were both on a new path to recovery. In the five years since the surgery much has happened but the most exciting has been the addition of three grandchildren for my mom to enjoy. Nana is the number one fan of Madison, Nathan and Jack and she has been the most energetic and vocal supporter of all our efforts to help Madison. We are so grateful. In honour of this special anniversary we would like to encourage everyone to go to and register to help someone else in need.
Nana & her #1 fans

Thanks for the flowers mom!

Remembering back to 5 years ago and all the support we had by looking through our memory box from the surgery 

Family Transplant Video
Mommy & Jack attempted to get his passport picture done for St Louis…2 hours later after laps around the mall, a cheap mall ride, spotting his sisters pic in the LCBO and multiple attempts at a photo…this was the best one

Jacks mall adventure!

Madison worked so hard with Monika today at March of Dimes. She was excited to run out to the car and see her brother at the end.

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