Day 716: Happy Birthday Cruz!

Madi started her day by baking cupcakes with Nana. She wanted Jack to have a cupcake to say welcome home, a cupcake for Mommy to say thanks for taking care of Jack and a cupcake for Daddy to say thanks for the new laundry room. And of course they were pink!

Madison was super excited to go celebrate  with her friend Cruz for his 2nd Birthday party today. They played with stickers and did some colouring and she loved getting a temporary tattoo! Her and her buddy Ev shared some popcorn and walked around in her walker together. Thanks for the party Cruz!

Madison went to have dinner with her cousin Nate to have a visit and celebrate Uncle Mark’s birthday. Nate and Madi ganged up on all the adults by throwing food at them and launching volleyballs everywhere. Lots of fun!


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