Day 715: Welcome Home Jack!

Madison was eager this morning to hear if Jack would be home or not today. She spent her morning with Pam & Medford planning for his return by making him a special card. 

Madison spent her afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa helping Daddy get the new laundry room ready and the house cleaned up for Jacks return. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the new washer and drier and thanks Daddy for the new coat of paint!

Jack is home and is on his way to feeling much better. He will be on meds to help his little lungs for a few weeks and hopefully his appetite will return soon. Thanks for everyone’s well wishes!

Madi got a big delivery today of posters, postcards, thank you cards and other items for her upcoming fundraising events and to send out as thank you’s. Supper happy with how they turned out!

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