Day 717: Happy Birthday Uncle Mark!

We continue to feel blessed and are so thankful for the support that has come our way in supporting Madison’s upcoming surgery. People continue to amaze us with their generosity in creating different fundraising opportunities within their own communities and networks of people. 

Denise Lester Dance Academy, where Madison takes ballet has a sleepover fundraiser coming up this weekend for all their older dancers. They have an area in their studio set up for Madison to raise awareness about her surgery and the different ways people can support her. Thank you!!

We also received word today that a local pub in Scarborough is holding a fundraiser in a few weeks for Madison. The owners of the Pub are connected to Blessed Cardinal Newman High School where Mommy went, they heard about Madison and the schools current involvement in helping to raise funds, and decided to have something of their own to help. Thank you!!!

Madison and Jack helped Mommy with lots of running around after school this morning. When they got home they played and played and were busy bees all over the house. They decided to try and walk together on a children’s treadmill recently aquired for Madison. Daddy will be taking it apart to use the rails as support on her big treadmill to practice her walking.

After some much needed quiet time, the two crazies headed over to Nate’s house to celebrate Uncle Marks birthday. They played, watched different things on Uncle Marks new home theatre system and had their favourite dinner from Pig Out! 

After some birthday fun, it was down to business! Lots of brain storming, planning and organizing information for a big fundraising event coming up in March! Stay tuned for more information and the official launch on February 11th!

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