Day 714: Physio with Dad!

After school, Madison headed to her Friday physio session with Stephanie. Mommy & Jack were still at the hospital so Daddy took her. She showed Daddy how she uses the stairs, swing, monkey bars and sensory wall in the kids gym!

After physio they headed to the hospital to visit Jack. He is doing much better and finally started to eat today! If all goes well tonight he can go home tomorrow! Madison had lots of questions about Jack at the hospital. She wanted to see the masks, his IV, his special crib and watch the nurses care for him. It was the perfect teaching opportunity  to tell Madison a little bit more about her surgery in St Louis. She now knows that she will have to sleep in the hospital, she will have an IV, she will have medicine and nurses caring for her and most importantly she said she wants a new stuffy like Jack haha.

Madison and Daddy headed home so Jack could rest. They had some lunch and played and then Nana & Papa took Madison back to the hospital for another visit. She was so excited to see her brother again and to tell Nana and Papa all about Jacks taped foot and his medicine and his machines. She is such a caring big sister!


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