Day 713: Jack Update

Madi stayed home from school today so she started her day with sleeping in, making herself toast for breakfast and reading books to her babies. Madi also got a wonderful email this morning from her dance teacher. It was a flyer that said they are having a sleepover next weekend with pizza and movies for all the dancers at the studio for a fundraiser for Madison’s surgery!! They are so awesome!!!

Mommy & Madi were up with the sun and doing stuff to stay busy, but Jack just wouldn’t wake up. Mommy kept trying to get him up, give him his medicine, get him moving – but he was very sleepy. He had been sick since Monday and on antibiotics, but only got worse as the week went on. Finally at 11:00 Mommy forced him awake and decided to take him to the hospital.

A big thank you to Aunt Nadia and Nate for taking Madison for the day and keeping her entertained and happy!

Jack and Mommy went to the hospital to get checked out. After a full 10 hours of being shuffled around, X-rays, blood work, IV -they decided to admit him until at least Saturday because he has pneumonia. Poor little man. 

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