Day 698: Sleep Challenges

Madi had a sleepy morning at school but worked hard on the treadmill during gym class.

At Conductive Ed, Madison did lots of great walking and met a new friend in her class. While she was busy working hard, Mommy and Jack played at the near by Early Years Centre while waiting for Madi’s class to finish. 

Mommy attended a workshop at Bloorview tonight entitled: 

Sleep Challenges in Children with Cerebral Palsy. For anyone who sees Madison daily or knows her struggles – sleep is a difficult thing for her. She wakes often from night awakenings and muscle spasms. Here are some slides from the presentation:

Our take aways: No napping after age 2, trial melatonin for night awakenings, change bath time to mornings, no screen time 1.5 hours before bed.

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