Day 697: Ski Boots Are Back!

Madi had a good morning at school. She was one of two in her class because of the bad weather. She had a blast having extra time in the snoozelin room and playing games during quiet time.

After school Madison went with Janine and Suzanne to exchange her ski boots for a larger pair. Madi was in a good rhythm of using her ski boots for a long time and then she grew and the boots were done. With the countdown to surgery, we wanted to help her continue to build strength and get her back in some boots. Thanks Janine and Suzanne! 

After their shopping and lunch they headed to March of Dimes. Madi had a 1:1 with Monika today! Madi had a great time doing lots of walking. She said her favourite activity was trying to kick a snowball.

Madison was super excited that ballet started again today. She was very tired after MOD and was debating skipping ballet, but as the time go closer to having to leave she really wanted to go. She did a great job trying to jump like a bunny and spin in her walker!

After ballet Madison wanted to leave her ballet outfit on and practice standing and walking with her new ski boots!

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