Day 699: The Ultimate Leafs Fan!

Madison had a great morning at school! Her teachers were very happy with all her standing and walking.

Madi and Jack had a nice lunch date with mom while waiting for her afternoon therapy.

Madi had another Conductive Ed class this afternoon at March of Dimes…. Her third class this week! It was a 3 hour class with lots of focus on their “floor program” by doing lots of positional work and stretching!

Madi finished her day with a visit to the home of The Ultimate Leafs Fan! Mike Wilson is “The Ultimate Leafs Fan” with extensive knowledge of Maple Leaf history and owns one of the largest collections of TML memorabilia. Mike and his wife Debra have generously opened up their home and all their collections to have a night in honour of Madison to help fundraise for her upcoming surgery. Madison, Mommy and Papa visited tonight to finalize details for the event. Madison made her way around their house in her walker pointing out all the things that were interesting to her – the pool table, antique clock, music posters, lots and lots of hockey pucks and statues and Leaf memorabilia but her favourite was their cat! The fundraiser will be on Febuary 8th from 6-9. Dinner and drinks will be provided while browsing the collection. Tickets are still available for those interested. Mike will also be autographing his book “Inside the Room with The Ultimate Leafs Fan” and selling copies as well as polo shirts and hats with proceeds going towards Madison’s surgery. Thank you so much Mike and Debra for helping us give Madison the gift of mobility! 

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