Day 689: BFF’s

Madison and Jack have their moments like any other sibling pair, but they are also quickly becoming each others partner in crime and best friend. They LOVE playing together and it is so neat to sit back and watch their relationship unfold. Jack was completely mesmerized and interested in anything Madi did this morning. She decided to set up some books and teach Jack the names of different animals and how to count them. It was so cute and such a proud Mommy moment. 

Madison also wanted to teach Jack how to build a bed for his new baby doll from Nana. It was super important to Madi that the baby had somewhere to sleep. Jacks job was to pull all the blocks from the bag and Madi did the building.

Madison went on a movie date with Katy and Ruby to see the movie Sing this afternoon. There were many “I hate CP” moments that Mommy experienced between the large crowds and Madison trying to use her walker, negative comments from ignorant people and then navigating the stairs and seating in the theatre with a three year old and snacks. Mommy exercised deep breathing and made it through with the help of Katy and Ruby and the theatres helping hands. It’s always worth the battle, seeing Madison experience something fun and new and her big smile. She lasted about the first half of the movie and then wanted to crawl up and down the stairs, jump on Mommy and dance in the aisle to the music. She had a great time. 

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