Day 690: Walking Goals

Madi had a great morning with her friend Tiffany. They had planned on going skating but with all the rain they went bowling instead. Madison had a great time trying to roll the balls from sitting and also standing using a ramp. Thanks Tiffany!

Madi and Jack helped Mommy pick up a few things from IKeA today. Madi got some new physio mats for the basement makeover and a work table too. They LOVE going to IKEA and are always so well behaved and helpful.

Today was a special day for Jack. A day that Mommy had been looking forward to, but also- truthfully dreading. Jack had tried taking one or two steps over the last few weeks, and today he took up to 14 steps. We can’t wait until he is older and we can tell him his first steps were to a pizza box lol. It was emotional as a proud Mama watching your baby walk for the first time, but heartbreaking to watch Madison watch her brother do something so easily that she spends hours and hours and hours trying to do herself. She asked “what’s Jack doing”. Then the tearful reply “Jacks walking”. Madi then replied “no he’s not, he’s standing”. Madison then wanted to practice her walking and even got her canes out to try and walk around with them too. She practiced her walking for quite a long time – she was so motivated and worked her butt off. St.Louis can’t come soon enough. 


​One of Mommy’s goals for Madison from now unt​il May is to get her on her feet more when free playing. Madison has been playing on the ground in her “w” sit far too much and has not been on her feet as much at home. When she is out in the community or doing her different therapies she is in her walker mostly. At home she is mostly sitting or crawling on the ground. To help her continue to access her interests such as colouring, doing puzzles, writing etc. Madison now has a standing workstation on the main floor for her to independantly play at and stay on her feet. She also continues to work on sitting with no back support so the stool will also help with that while being engaged with her different activities. When Madison went to bed the Christmas tree was still in this spot, so this will be a nice surprise for her to wake up to. 

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