Day 688: A Big Heart!

Madison and Mommy were playing in the basement today having a PJ day when Madi asked “what’s happy about this year?” Mommy started telling Madi about all the wonderful things that will be happening in 2017 and one of the topics she asked about was all the babies that will be born. She decided she wanted to pack up more of her old baby toys and equipment that her and Jack are both done with and give them to a new baby coming to the extended family soon. She took a pack of Lysol wipes, cleaned off toys and put them in a big box. Mommy was so proud.

Madison cheered on the Leafs today but was not a fan of the fighting. 

After a great afternoon of cleaning, organizing and playing, the family headed to Pam and Medfords for a nice visit, nibbles and drinks. Jack tried to drink Daddy’s beer, Madison played the piano and sang different songs and had Pam hide in the closet with her to play a game with Jack. It was a great start to 2017!

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