Day 658: Christmas Came Early

We received great news today. After MANY appointments, phone calls, paperwork, running around – we were able to secure an appointment with a peadiatric neurosurgeon out of McMaster Hospital in Hamilton. Our OHIP forms were returned stating that they will not place decision on approval or denial for coverage of the surgery until receiving forms signed by a neurosurgeon. Madison will be going to receive a full assessment and then we will discuss her surgery planned with Dr Park in May and ask for the out of country OHIP forms to be signed. Cross your fingers and your toes!

Jack had a great morning with his buddy Owen playing. They are so funny together, playing and trying to “talk” to one another. 

Madison had a great afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa. Her favourite part was decorating gingerbread and tasting everything. 

Madison was thrilled to use her new walker at ballet class tonight. Her old walker didn’t turn well as it had to be lifted. Her new walkers front swivel wheels made it super easy for her to spin around with her friends in class. For those of you interested in ordering clothing from the “In My Own Skin” campaign for Madison’s surgery – being run by one of the studio’s teachers, you can email her at:

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