Day 659: Calling All Leafs Fans!

Looking for a one of a kind Christmas gift for all the Leafs fans in your life…support Madison’s life changing surgery and purchase a ticket for a fantastic private party at the home of The Ultimate Leafs Fan!


Madison got great news today that she was approved for All Access Funding from Three To Be! They are sponsoring the purchase of equipment to help kids with neurological disorders be included in outdoor activity with their family and friends. Madison’s funding will be going towards an adaptive bike! It will be great for her to learn on in the spring and as a bonus it will be excellent to have as part of her rehab process after surgery. She will be getting a foot propelled therapeutic AmTryke!


Madison had a great day! She spent her afternoon at March of Dimes participating in different Christmas activities for her last class of the session. 

Madison also had her last night of swimming with Ryan and Jessica until the new year. She did some water walking and floats with her life jacket. She was especially thrilled with a gift that Jessica gave her- a hand made bracelet! 

Jack also had a great day helping Mommy finish up the Christmas shopping and then kept Nana and Papa busy while Madi was at her swim lesson 

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