Day 657: Jack Update

Jack had a great check in a Grandview today. His neck rotation continues to improve and he is more consistently holding his head in line with his body when standing and sitting. When looking over his right shoulder, he continues to drop his chin down or tip his head back and is not consistently in line, so we have some homework to do to help him achieve this. He is also being measured again next week to see if his head shape is continuing to improve from the use of his helmet while sleeping. 

Need some help buying the perfect gift this holiday season… Please consider donating to Madison’s surgery as a gift to that special someone. Every donation made as a holiday gift will receive this card from Madison to give with the donation. Thank you for your support!

Madison’s Life Changing Surgery Go Fund Me Link

Madison and Jack continued to get into the holiday spirit tonight with Nana & Papa while Mommy was coaching. Madison loved dancing to Christmas music and even stood by herself clapping and singing!


Here is a photo that a fellow SDR Mommy shared. It’s beautiful and shows the possibilities for Madison.

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