Day 652: Back to Square One

Today was a day of highs and lows.


Madi had an awesome morning at school! She showed off her new walker and used her big loud voice all morning.

While Madi was at school, Mommy was at the pool for a special spot on the news to advocate for synchronized swimming for athletes with a disability. It was wonderful to have swimmers from different clubs in the GTA join together to  showcase the sport they love. 

After school, Madi worked hard and had fun at March of Dimes. She practiced using her canes, loved the theme of the day- the very hungry caterpillar, learned about the letter ‘h’ and playing with pom poms. 

Madison really enjoyed using her canes today at MOD that she wanted to practice with them at home before bedtime.


OHIP application status

After being denied a signature from a neurosurgeon at Bloorview and being denied a signature from a developmental peadiatrician on out of country OHIP application forms for funding, we were advised to collect letters of support from all the therapists, medical staff and professionals who work with Madison and to send in those letters with the forms signed from her peadiatrician. We received a letter from OHIP stating:

Back to square one. We now wait to see if we can get in with a neurosurgeon in Hamilton at McMaster. 

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