Day 653: A Day of Blessings

We continue to be blown away from all of the support Madison has received for her life changing surgery in May. 

We were blessed three times today:

1) Nathan’s Birthday

Madison enjoyed celebrating Nate’s 2nd Birthday by going for dinner with family and spending time with her favourite partner in crime. She made him a blue gingerbread man and loved seeing him on his special day. Thank you Nana & Papa for taking Madi and Jack to celebrate!

2) High School Donation

Today we received a donation for Madison’s surgery from Blessed Cardinal Newman High School where Mommy went to school. The students and teachers at the school had heard about Madison and her surgery and had a civies day and collected money from the students for Madison. This was an incredible surprise and such a special moment to learn of their caring initiative towards their school alum. Thank you!!!!

3) In My Own Skin

Another incredible surprise came our way today:

“Hello Ambos family! My name is Mohogany, I am Suzie’s daughter and I am also one of the teachers at Denise Lester Dance Academy. My mom had mentioned to you that I had made a clothing line in order to help raise money for Madisons surgery! I have created a Facebook and instagram page for my line and just wanted to reach out and share it with you so you know what it is! I absolutely fell involve with your daughter the day i saw her. Growing up I had a cousin who also had cerebral palsy and i spent every waking day caring for her. Sadly she passed away a few years ago. So as soon as I saw Madi i just had tears in my eyes and my heart just felt so full. Such a beautiful spirit and so determined! I love how nothing stops her from doing what makes her happy and at such a young age. When my mom told me about her surgery I just knew i had to find a way to help! So of course i made the clothing line! I hope to raise at least $3000 and give it to you guys to help as much as i can! The Facebook page is called In My Own Skin, and the instagram is @inmyownskinxo ! i hope you don’t mind that i shared your blogs and Everything on Madi’s story. I just really wanted to help! I wish you guys the best of luck with everything! 

Sending all my best wishes,

Mohogany Brown”

This beautiful email came to us from the daughter of Madison’s ballet teacher. She wants to help spread awareness and teach young girls about self love by initiating a campaign and clothing line entitled: “In My Own Skin” and will donate towards Madison’s surgery!

We have already placed an order for a pink TShirt and hat for Madison. Check out this info to support this amazing initiative- thank you so much Mohogany!

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