Day 651: New Wheels

Madison had a great morning at school. She was so happy to see her therapist Suzzane in class who took her for some physio in the gym. They practiced stairs, treadmill walking and balancing on the physio ball.

After school Madison and Jack had some lunch and a nice visit with Pam and Medford while Mommy caught up on some of Madison’s various paperwork. They played with all the Christmas decor around the house, animal dominoes and animal snap! Madison told Mommy her favourite part of the visit was laughing at dancing Santa on the door.

Today was also a great day for deliveries! Madison received her letter from Santa and her new walker today! 

She was thrilled to hear that Santa got her letter, that he liked the sparkles and stickers she put on her letter and that he would be going to her house very soon.

Madison was also thrilled to have her new walker delivered. She loves the front swivel wheels and commented right away that it doesn’t squeak or tip back like her other one did. She also said it moves like a car and proceeded to chase Jack around the house trying to run him over.

Madison’s fantastic day ended with a family get together at Janine and Lou’s house to plan for her upcoming surgery. Around 25 people gathered to share fundraising ideas, discuss help needed while gone, things needing to be looked into such as finding a hotel, renting baby gear, appointments and life after surgery etc. We are so grateful to have such amazing family and friends who would do anything for Madison and support us through this all. 

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