Day 592: Jack Update

Madi had a great morning at school. She is asking good questions to problem solve and has enjoyed the different painting activities at sensory time. Today she did a great job using her loud voice to ask for more snack. 

Madison is also proud to be a representative for the amazing organization “Three To Be” for children with neurological disorders. Mommy finally saw the new page that is up today. 

Jack had a check in with his orthotist today. His head has grown and has shown some change in shape. His helmet was adjusted, but he will be returning on Tuesday to get another scan done to see the percentages of change to decide on the next decision with the helmet. He has been tolerating his helmet really well. His neck has also become stronger and he also has more range and rotation from all his stretching. 

Jack continues to be on the move! Today he loved trying to walk between furniture and climbed over and under things at Nana and Papas house. 

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