Day 591: Giving Back

Today Madison, Mommy and Jack were interviewed by a freelance writer hired by Grandview to write and publish new family stories for their foundation campaign. Everyone hung out at Pam and Medfords for the interview so that Mommy could get some help and because Mommy’s house is currently a disaster! Thanks again Pam! 

The writter will be putting together the story with the photos taken earlier this week. It was so nice to share our families experience with Grandview to help give back in support of their upcoming campaign for a new build. She asked Madison how her morning at school was, what she liked about Grandview, what her favourite colour was and what kinds of activities she likes to do. Madison did a great job answering most of the questions. After a little while Madi lost interest and decided she wanted to play with Pams tea set, make a cake and play with Jack. Pam and Medford ended up taking the kids to the backyard to play on the playground until Mommy was done. 

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