Day 593: Success @ V.V.!

Madi had an even better class at V.V. this morning with Tiffany and her instructors for Children in Motion. They ran around the track, played different chase games and games with bean bags. She did a great job trying to participate and follow instructions. They also did different walking styles while following in a line. Madi liked playing with Jack once her class was finished. 

Madison and Jack went over to Grandma and Grandpas for lunch. Madison liked watching Stanley chase and eat her floating bubbles and her and Jack liked playing the piano together. Madison also practiced walking outside by pushing her pink chair. 

After lunch it was nap time. Madi and Jack have slowly started napping at the exact same time!!! Woo hoo!! When they woke up Nana & Papa were at the house ready to play! Mommy & Daddy headed out for dinner and dessert. Madi & Jack played with play dough, read books, had dinner and raced each other up the stairs before bed. 


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