Day 588: Grandview Champs

Madison and Jack spent their afternoon at two different Grandview locations. Their first location was to meet with Madisons new Dev. Pead. Her original doctor at Grandview who was the one who gave us her diagnosis has retired, we were passed around for about a year meeting with different specialists, and then today we met her Doctor who will manage all the pieces of her treatments and hold the “bigger picture” stuff for us. She was amazing! She is completely on the same page as us, asked really good questions and was so good with Madison. She was encouraging with choices we have made for Madison and helped us develop a short term/long term plan. 

It was then time to head to the next Grandview location to meet with a few other families and some staff for a photo shoot. Madison and Jack were asked to be a part of Grandviews new campaign and the process started today with some photos, followed by an interview later this week. Grandview has been truly amazing to both Madison and Jack and it’s wonderful for M & J to learn at such a young age the importance of giving back and supporting those who support you. 

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