Day 587: Mike GREGOIRE Memorial Golf Tournament

Today was a very special day. Madison went to Deer Creek Golf Course to participate in the Mike GREGOIRE Memorial Golf Tournament. Mommy & Daddy are grateful that Madison was one of the receipients of funds raised at this years tournament. 

Madison greeted all the golfers as they entered registration. 

Madison was happy to be a part of a balloon release in memory of Mikey G.

Madi then toured around the course with Papa and Mommy in her VIP golf cart to cheer on the golfers.

After visiting the golfers she helped set up items for the silent auction.

Madison was so excited to see everyone at dinner! She loved that her friends went to dinner to support her and they had fun playing. The silent auction and 50/50 were also a big success! 

Mommy and Daddy were so happy to speak to everyone in attendance and thank everyone for what they have helped do for Madison. All of her progress and achievements over the past year are due to the support and encouragement from the tournament supporters, family and friends.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this years tournament such a great success! 

Madison had a fantastic day!!!!

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