Day 589: Therapy Tuesday

Today was a BUSY day for Madison, full of different activities geared to work on various gross motor goals. 

After a busy morning at school, Madison went to Grandview for physio. Today was the start of a new therapy block, post Botox. Madison settled into routine while Jack had a quick neck stretch from Kate. Mommy & Kate set three goals for this physio block.

1) building muscle strength in legs

2) standing up from the floor, pausing & then initiating independent steps

3) working on all transitions needed to get on and off the potty independently. 

Mommy & Kate also re-assessed current equipment use, looked at a new walker to order, looked at what changes need to be made to AFO’s and discussed a new at home stretching program. 

Kate did an assessment of Madison’s different ranges and transitions post Botox and then worked on a few skills. It was an excellent first session back. 

After some dinner and playtime with Jack, it was time for ballet! Madison used her arms consistently tonight and tried spinning in her walker. Madison has also done a great job trying to point and flex her feet and wiggle her toes to the music. Ballet has been a great opportunity for Madison to get a better “feel” of her feet out of her AFO’s. She loves going to ballet!

After ballet Madison visited Shannon for a late night massage. Madison was excited to see Shannon’s new tape! After a few minutes, Shannon could feel the difference with the reduced tone in Madison’s legs – thank you Botox! Madison picked her new tape, got worked on and then headed home to bed. Thanks Shannon for a relaxing way to end the day. 

Madison would like to remind everyone that tomorrow is World CP Day! Wear some green in support of Madison and her friends. Xo

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